Scheduling An Airport Taxi To Pick Up A Loved One: 3 Tips To Make The Experience Much Simpler And Smoother


The U.S. is quite a popular vacation hotspot. Not only is it a place where many people go to enjoy the different quirks each state and city can provide, but it is also a nation where many people go to be reunited with family. In 2015 alone, there were 77.5 million international visitors. If a loved one is coming for a visit, but you don't have time to pick them up at the airport, your next best option is to book a taxi for them in advance.

7 June 2017

8 Essential Items to Bring Along on Your Charter Bus Trip


If you are planning to travel on a charter bus trip soon, know that a new adventure awaits. The journey is going to be one of the best parts of the entire excursion, but you can maximize your fun by knowing what to carry with you on the bus. Most of your possessions, including clothing, will be packed in checked baggage. However, there are several specific items that you should consider having available at a moment's notice.

18 May 2017

The Benefits Of Using A Limousine Service For A Funeral Procession


A funeral procession is one of the last ways that you can show respect for your loved one. Processions typically involve the family of the loved one following the hearse from the location of the funeral to the cemetery. Processions can also take place as soon as the body leaves the funeral home for the funeral. In some cases, family members may drive their own vehicles, or they may rent a limousine and travel together.

24 February 2016

The Ultimate Guide To Taking Taxi Selfies


A taxi ride is a great way to get through cities, past airports, and to multiple destinations. Many people love to document this type of ride by taking a selfie. Instead of just snapping away while in the vehicle, there are multiple methods for capturing the perfect picture. Not only will you get great images, but you will follow proper etiquette for taxis and taxi drivers. Use the following five tips and within a few trips, you can perfect the taxi selfie.

17 June 2015

5 Things You Need To Know About Having Your Semi Truck Repaired


One of the essential components to achieving success the owner-operator trucking company world is to make certain your semi truck is well-maintained and in good repair at all times. Nothing can set you back more than a breakdown when you're carrying a time-sensitive load. It isn't necessary to be a mechanic yourself in order to keep your semi functioning well, but knowing the basics of how your truck works will help prevent the expenditure of unnecessary cash in the mechanic shop, and don't forget that practicing preventative maintenance can help keep your truck running smoothly.

12 May 2015

Celebrity Encounter Etiquette


Whether you're a local or a tourist, hanging out for any length of time at LAX is different from having a long layover in any other city. Not only is LAX an international airport, but there's a decent chance that you'll catch a glimpse of a celebrity on their way home from their work on a project or on their way to an on location shoot. If you see someone in sunglasses indoors, avoiding eye contact with others, it's a good bet they're someone famous.

19 March 2015