Scheduling An Airport Taxi To Pick Up A Loved One: 3 Tips To Make The Experience Much Simpler And Smoother


The U.S. is quite a popular vacation hotspot. Not only is it a place where many people go to enjoy the different quirks each state and city can provide, but it is also a nation where many people go to be reunited with family. In 2015 alone, there were 77.5 million international visitors. If a loved one is coming for a visit, but you don't have time to pick them up at the airport, your next best option is to book a taxi for them in advance. Navigating through the airport and to your home can be difficult. An arranged taxi ride can help everything proceed a lot more smoothly and efficiently.

Agree on a Pickup Spot Ahead of Time to Avoid Confusion

Most airports are rather big and have quite a lot of terminals. Provide the taxi company with the flight information and expected landing time, and they'll be able to give you some information as to which terminal may be most convenient. Work out a suitable pickup location with the driver and let the intended patron know where to meet them. It's best to choose a location that is less busy and more quiet.

The location should also be a place where the taxi driver can easily pull over and wait for the intended patron. It should be close to the gate where the intended patron is arriving from. The closer the pickup location is to the gate, the less effort it will take to move heavy luggage to the pickup location.

Provide the Taxi Driver with a Photograph or Description of the Intended Patron

You don't want the taxi driver to pick up the wrong person, especially if your loved one doesn't speak English too well. To ensure that the right patron is picked up, email or send the taxi driver a photograph of the patron ahead of time, so they know who to look for at the airport. If you don't have a photograph, provide them with a detailed description that will help them weed out who your loved one is. It's also important to provide information like the intended patron's name. This way, the taxi driver can make and hold up a sign at the pickup location.

If you've booked the ride in advance, the taxi company may send you information on the driver. If a photograph is included, consider sending the photograph of the driver to your loved one. This will help them identify who their driver may be and will help prevent a lot of confusion. The taxi driver might even provide you with a personal number for your loved one to call.

Arrange How the Fee Will Be Paid in Advance

To make matters simple, sort out the payment in advance. If the taxi ride is on you, consider giving the taxi company or taxi driver your credit card information and have them just bill you. Some taxi companies and drivers will let you pay a deposit in advance and the rest later, whereas others will allow you to simply pay the driver when your loved one gets dropped off at your home. The latter is a better option for those who feel more comfortable paying in cash. If you have already paid the taxi driver in advance, don't forget to let your loved one know, so that there won't be any confusions on the day of their arrival.

Don't forget to tip the taxi driver. In most cases, you should ask your loved one to do the tipping based on the quality of the services they received.

Booking an airport taxi in advance will help eliminate any guesswork that might cause problems later on. There are plenty of taxi companies that can help you safely and easily pick up your loved ones and deliver them to your home while you're busy. This allows you to also avoid the hectic traffic of getting to and from the airport.

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7 June 2017

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