The Ultimate Guide To Taking Taxi Selfies


A taxi ride is a great way to get through cities, past airports, and to multiple destinations. Many people love to document this type of ride by taking a selfie. Instead of just snapping away while in the vehicle, there are multiple methods for capturing the perfect picture. Not only will you get great images, but you will follow proper etiquette for taxis and taxi drivers. Use the following five tips and within a few trips, you can perfect the taxi selfie.

Camera Flash

The flash on your smartphone or camera should be disabled any time you take a picture. The flash often reflects off glass in the car, creating large spots of brightness and uneven light for the image. The flash can also create a distraction for the taxi driver. Quick flashes can block out important views of traffic signs and mirror locations.

To get better lighting in the taxi, there are a number of things you can do. Request that the driver turns on the interior light to give you a little more visibility. Some cabs also feature small lights for backseat drivers and business use. These lights can give your images enough to evenly light you and a few friends. When the taxi is stopped at a red light, take advantage of other headlights or street lights to add some lighting to your images. Open the windows to allow more light in.

Head Rests

In a taxi, there is not a lot of room to maneuver the camera. Instead of reaching your arms out, the empty headrest on the passenger side of the car can help hold a smartphone. By activating a photo timer on the phone, you can position it between the headrest and the seat so you can easily sit back and snap an image. It may take a few tries to get the proper angle, but once it's set, you have more freedom to pose for a picture.

Taxi Drivers

Many people want to capture the whole taxi experience by taking a picture with their driver. Instead of just snapping away at the driver, you should respect their position and ask for permission. The best time to take the picture is when the taxi is pulled over to drop you off. It's a good way to capture a good bye image and end your journey in the taxi ride.

Exterior Taxi Pictures

The challenges you come across when taking images inside a taxi can be completely eliminated by taking pictures outside a taxi. Time is money for a taxi driver, so before you waste time posing outside the taxi, request a few pictures. Some taxi drivers may start the meter early to accommodate the images.

An exterior image can capture the whole taxi design, including the trademark yellow paint. If you have luggage, you may have extra time to snap a quick exterior shot while a taxi driver pulls your luggage from the trunk of a car.

Specialty Taxis

Ordering service from a specialty taxi can enhance the types of images that you are able to take. For example, a party taxi features lights that can illuminate images and create an awesome theme for your taxi ride. Taxis with sky roofs can add natural light to your ride, too. They can also help create a cool wind effect for hair in the images.

Larger taxis give you more room to move around and take images. This will allow you to capture more people in the same shot or use phone accessories like a selfie stick extension tool. Phones that feature panoramic images can create a complete view of the back of the vehicle. This type of selfie image can capture the whole experience and memories of riding in a taxi.

Always check with taxi companies, such as White Top Cab Company, to see if there are any picture taking policies. Some taxis may ban images or cell phone pictures while in operation. If it is OK, then use these tips to get the best images possible!


17 June 2015

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