Private Planes: The Pros And Cons Of Fractional Ownership Vs Charters


Plane travel is a necessity for some people, especially business owners who spend a lot of time having to travel from one city to the next. If you are one of these people who consistently has to rely on flight travel and charters flights on a private plane frequently, you may have toyed with the idea of opting for fractional ownership in a private plane. Basically, fractional ownership means you and several others invest in a plane, so all of you technically share ownership of it.

5 July 2019

Health Conditions to Consider Prior to Flying Lessons


While keeping your chronic medical conditions under control is important in any situation, it is especially essential if you are considering flying lessons. Certain health disorders can raise your risk for an in-flight medical crisis, so before signing up for your flying lessons, see your physician for an examination, and treatment, if necessary. Here are some health conditions that you should consider prior to navigating an aircraft: Hypertension If you have hypertension, or high blood pressure, then you will need to make sure that it is well-managed prior to your first flying lesson.

17 May 2019

Why You Need Permits When You Drive A Big Rig


When you drive a big rig for transporting goods to other parts of the country, certain permits are required. You'll likely need fuel and trip permits to legally operate and get your client's needs fulfilled. Your employer can provide these permits for you so you can successfully work, or you can get temporary permits from a company that supplies them. Why do you need permits to operate? This guide will help you understand why this part of the trucking business is necessary so you can be prepared.

12 February 2019

Uses For Dump Trucks That Go Beyond Construction


Dump trucks are amazing things; they can haul massive loads long distances with no major issues. Most of the time they are used for construction or in quarries, where their high and deep dump beds can be filled to the brim and moved to any location to dump. However, dump trucks can, and are, used for a whole lot more. The following uses for dump trucks may be atypical, but that does not mean you cannot use them that way.

2 December 2018

3 Things You Shouldn't Slack On When Hiring Commercial Drivers For Your Business


If your business is really in need of commercial drivers, you might be hoping that you can hire a few new employees right away. However, it's important not to slack off or cut corners on certain things no matter how desperate the situation might be. These are some of the main things that you will not want to cut corners on when it comes to hiring people to drive your company's commercial vehicles.

13 August 2018

Drone Videos Can Enhance Users' Enjoyment Of These Activities


For any outdoor business in which the focus is fun, owners should look for ways to enhance the experience of their customers. One of the ways that you can do so is by hiring aerial drone services to visit your location, put a drone overhead, and capture high-quality videos of people enjoying whatever activities that you offer. You can then edit this footage into fun clips that you can share online.

24 May 2018

Why Hiring A Limousine To Transport An Important Client Is A Good Business Decision


If you have an important client you want to impress, then providing them transportation in a limousine is a good way to do that. Providing them with luxurious, comfortable, and private transportation shows the client how much you value them as a client and it makes the client feel pampered. Here's why it's worth investing in limo transportation for your clients. They Can Arrive Rested If your client is within driving distance, the ride to your office will be relaxing and comfortable.

1 April 2018