What Does A Transportation Brokerage Service Do?


Transportation brokerage can help you reduce your shipping costs. Companies that specialize in transportation brokerage can allow you to outsource shipping logistics to a third party who has extensive experience in this area. Here are four things a transportation brokerage service can do for your company: 

1. Organize your shipping dates.

For most companies, sending out shipments of products every day isn't efficient. Consolidating packages into larger shipments that can be carried on pallets is usually the better option. When you decide to consolidate shipments, it's likely that you'll only be sending products out a few times every week. A transportation broker can help you figure out the best dates for shipping products. They will help you come to a solution that serves your customers' needs while also allowing you to take advantage of lower shipping rates.

2. Find the most cost-effective cargo transportation.

If your company doesn't have its own fleet of trucks, you will need to rely on cargo carriers to move your products from your warehouse to its final destination. The first cargo transportation service you find may not be the most efficient one. A transportation broker can analyze the costs of all cargo carriers in your area, in order to find the one that's most cost-effective. The size and frequency of your shipments will affect the cost, so the carrier that's best for one company may not be best for another.

3. Communicate with cargo carriers.

Occasionally, delays may arise during the shipping process, due to unforeseen circumstances. When this happens, communication is key. You need to be alerted about potential delays so you can relay that updated information to customers who are expecting their packages. Transportation brokers can handle all the communication with cargo carriers, delivering key messages as they're needed. When you rely on a transportation brokerage service, you will have one less thing to keep track of.

4. Expand your current business model.

Even if you're currently able to manage shipping logistics on your own, you may not be able to manage a larger volume of outgoing parcels. Transportation brokers can help you scale your production and output up so you can reach a greater share of the market. Don't let your own capabilities prevent you from being able to expand your business. More customers mean more revenue, which can translate into greater profits and money you can reinvest into your business. To learn more, contact a transportation brokerage


13 January 2020

Navigating Public Transportation in a Big City

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