3 Things That Can Complicate The Process Of Getting An Oversize Permit


You might be planning on hauling an oversize load sometime soon, and you might know that you will need to get a permit so that you can do so. You might be hoping that things will go smoothly when you are going through the permit process. In many cases, trucking companies and drivers don't really have to worry about any problems with getting their permits. However, in some cases, there are complications. If you are wondering about whether or not your case will be more complicated than usual, consider these common issues that can complicate and delay the process of getting oversize permits for trucking.

1. Crossing State Lines

There are already a lot of rules and regulations that you typically have to follow when hauling an oversize load. If you are going to be crossing state lines when doing so, then you may be subject to multiple sets of laws in multiple jurisdictions. You may also need to go through a longer and more complicated permit process, and you might have to get a permit for each state that you will be traveling through. In many cases, you cannot avoid crossing state lines when hauling oversize loads, so just be prepared to do your research and go through a lengthier and more complicated oversize permit application process. Fortunately, there are services out there that can assist you with getting the permits that you need, even if you need to get multiple permits from multiple states.

2. Hauling Hazardous Materials

Oversize permits are typically related to hauling large items that aren't otherwise considered to be hazardous. If the items that you are hauling are hazardous -- such as if you are hauling an overweight batch of hazardous chemicals -- then you might have to go through an extra process to get approved for your permit. For example, you might need to prove that the driver who will be operating the truck has the appropriate training, experience and licensing to handle hazardous materials, and you may need to prove that your truck and trailer are approved for this type of use.

3. Turning in Paperwork Late

There are some situations where trucking companies realize at the last minute that they need to handle an unexpected load. In these situations, it might be necessary to apply for an oversize permit at the last moment. Just be aware that these situations can sometimes be complicated, and sometimes last-minute applications can be delayed. Consider working with an oversize permit service for help with getting your last-minute oversize permit as quickly as possible.

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5 May 2020

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