2 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Limo Service For Your Upcoming Bachelorette Party


When planning your bachelorette party, you want all the details to be in place before the event. Since these details include transporting your guests to the destinations along your planned itinerary, you may have decided to rent a limo for the evening.

Besides asking about pricing and time limits, when you speak with the service about the rental, you should also ask about things that they can do to add to the general ambiance of the evening. Below are a couple of questions to help get you started when speaking with a service about hiring a limo for your upcoming bachelorette party.

1. Does the Service Decorate the Limo to Match the Theme of Your Party?

One question you can ask when speaking with the service to plan for the use of a limo for your bachelorette party has to do with the decorations. Does the service decorate the limo? If so, do they use a standard theme for a bachelorette party, or can you make special requests?

If they allow you to choose the decorations, think about what colors will be prominent during your party as well as the overall theme. You can then give these details to the rental service so that they can extend the colors and theme of your party into the limo's decorations.

2. Does the Service Provide Snacks and Beverages for the Rides in Between Stops?

Another question you should ask the rental company when setting up your bachelorette party's limo service has to do with food and beverages. Does the service provide snacks and drinks that you and your guests can enjoy during the rides between stops on your night's itinerary?

If so, ask them if you can make requests as to what provisions they will provide. You can request to have certain alcoholic drinks if you wish. Or, if you do not want any drinking, you can request that these types of beverages be omitted and suggest substitutes. 

When renting a limo for your bachelorette party, you want the service to be an extension of the festivities and themes of the evening. If the rental service offers to decorate the limo beforehand, you can let them know the colors and overall theme you wish to have. You can also discuss what snacks and beverages should be available for you and your guests. To ask further questions about what they can do for you to make your bachelorette party special, speak with a company that offers limo services in your area. 

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8 December 2022

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