What Mode Of Transportation Is Right For You?


When you need to use transportation to get to and from work, run errands, or go about your everyday tasks, then what mode of transportation works best? You want to reduce your impact on the environment by being as conscious as you can about the transportation you choose, which is great in so many ways. Here is a guide to help you choose the best mode of transportation for your specific needs.

To go to work 

Carpooling is the best way to get to and from work if you can together with some coworkers to have transportation to and from work. Since you're all going to the same destination, it's easy to set up a carpool and help reduce the impact on the environment in doing so. As a bonus, you save on gas and you're not worrying about spending money on a taxi or rented driver, so you can get to and from work more easily and save on transportation costs.

To go run errands

To run your regular errands, consider public transportation like the city bus. You can run your errands on a set schedule and get from one point to another more easily without having to drive your own personal vehicle. You can also carpool to run errands with a coworker, friend, or sibling in the area if you want to help cut down on vehicle emissions, have someone to spend time with during your errands, and keep you from having to drive your own personal vehicle as often.

To perform everyday tasks

To drop kids off at school, pick up items at the grocery store, or do other everyday tasks that are either spontaneous or planned, it's wise to use your own personal vehicle for transportation. You need a reliable vehicle to get to and from your home for everyday tasks. However, the one task that you can carpool with more easily is school drop-offs and pickups. Your kids can go to school with their friends or you can consider sending them to school on the bus or via carpooling and taking turns so you can get your everyday tasks done without using your own car all the time.

You can save money and keep your vehicle in great condition longer when you choose the right mode of transportation for your needs. Your mode of transport can greatly impact the environment in a positive way and help keep businesses in operation and your area flowing smoothly.

Contact a local transportation service to learn more. 


20 September 2022

Navigating Public Transportation in a Big City

I come from a small town. It's so small that there is no public bus service—you can walk everywhere within city limits. People drove their cars if they wanted to leave town. At home, I rarely saw a taxi, and subways were something I only saw in movies. Moving to New York City was a shock in many ways, but learning how to get around using public transportation was one of the biggest hurdles that I faced. I didn't know how much to tip a taxi driver or how to find my way around on the bus. However, I did eventually learn. I know that there must be many people who are facing the same learning curve that I was facing a few years ago. I started this blog to help other small town natives like me learn how to get around in the big city.