Trailer Repair Issues? Helpful Information You May Need Before Towing Your Utility, Storage Or Camping Trailer


Many homeowners depend on one or more trailers to make their life easier or more enjoyable. Utility or enclosed storage trailers provide a convenient way to transport large or bulky items, like furniture or firewood, while camping trailers, toy haulers, and horse trailers make it easier for families to enjoy recreational adventures. No matter which type of trailer you own, learning to recognize some common repair issues is an important way to ensure that you can continue to tow and utilize your trailer in a safe manner. 

Common hub repair issues

While there is no costly motor to maintain, trailers of all types can still experience repair issues involving moving parts, including the hubs and axle assemblies. Trailer hubs contain bearings that are encased within a protective coating of heavy grease that prevents friction and allows the hub to move freely when the trailer is towed.

If the bearing becomes damaged or is no longer sufficiently protected by grease, friction can build within the hub and create damaging heat that makes the hub inoperable. While older trailers may need regularly scheduled repair appointments for the purpose of checking the bearings and repacking the hubs with grease, many newer models utilize a sealed bearing component known as a buddy bearing that comes pre-packed with grease from the manufacturer. 

Common axle repair issues

In addition to a hub for each wheel, trailers also rely on an axle assembly to connect and control each set of wheels. Like hubs, axles have moving parts that require adequate lubrication to allow them to move freely and perform their job without incurring damage from friction. Normal wear and component age can result in wear on some axle components, but difficult terrain or overloading of the trailer can also be major contributors to the problem. 

Axles repair issues are often first noted as handling issues when the trailer is undertow or the appearance that the tires are bowed out or in when viewing the trailer from behind. Axle repair issues increase the likelihood of uneven tire wear that, if not addressed quickly, can result in becoming stranded due to a blown tire while the trailer is being towed. 

Common lighting repair issues

Because they are separate from the towing vehicle, most trailers are equipped with brake lights, turn signals, and running lights. If the wires that connect the lights to the towing vehicle become damaged, other drivers may not see the trailer in time to safely stop or avoid a collision. No matter which type of trailer you own, relying on a professional mobile trailer repair service is an excellent way to ensure that your trailer is kept in good condition and safe for use.


28 March 2022

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