Uses For Dump Trucks That Go Beyond Construction


Dump trucks are amazing things; they can haul massive loads long distances with no major issues. Most of the time they are used for construction or in quarries, where their high and deep dump beds can be filled to the brim and moved to any location to dump. However, dump trucks can, and are, used for a whole lot more. The following uses for dump trucks may be atypical, but that does not mean you cannot use them that way.

As a Parade Float

Dozens of holiday parades are happening right now. You see all kinds of floats too, including go-carts with massive shopping carts attached overhead, cherry pickers with performers in the buckets, and horse-drawn carriages. Take a dump truck, decorate it for the holidays, and then drive it in the parade. For any parade-goer who loves dump trucks, this is a got-to-see moment. 

As a Rescue Truck During a Flood

If you have never stood next to a dump truck, you might be surprised to learn how really tall these vehicles are. Most people are smaller than a single dump truck wheel! As such, dump trucks come in handy for rescuing people caught in a flood. These trucks roll through water that is up to eight feet high (sometimes more) to provide a very safe means of getting rescued. All anyone has to do is step down into the back of the dump bed, and then the truck rolls them away from the flood waters to higher ground. Because of the massive weight and size of these machines, it is nearly impossible for floodwaters to pick up a dump truck and carry it away.

As a Means of Pulling Heavy Loads No Other Truck Can Pull

People tend to think of the dumping action of dump trunks without realizing that dump trucks have an incredible amount of power in their engines. On occasion, a dump trunk may be engaged to pull heavy or wide loads. For example, say that you bought a double-wide trailer home. No, you are not putting the trailer home in the bed of the dump truck. You are, however, using the dump truck to hook up to the trailer pulling the double-wide trailer home to your location of choice. It is one of the few vehicles that has enough power to manage such a monumental feat without breaking down or experiencing an overheated engine.

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2 December 2018

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