3 Things You Shouldn't Slack On When Hiring Commercial Drivers For Your Business


If your business is really in need of commercial drivers, you might be hoping that you can hire a few new employees right away. However, it's important not to slack off or cut corners on certain things no matter how desperate the situation might be. These are some of the main things that you will not want to cut corners on when it comes to hiring people to drive your company's commercial vehicles.

1. Running Background Checks

Background checks really are important. You'll want to make sure that any drivers that you hire have good driving records and that they are reliable people who don't have criminal records. Even though you can't necessarily get a full idea of what someone is like just by running a background check, it is a good first step that can help you hire individuals who will hopefully be trustworthy.

2. Conducting Drug and Alcohol Screens

Secondly, you absolutely cannot slack off on running drug and alcohol screens on your employees. After all, if someone gets behind the wheel of one of your commercial vehicles after consuming alcohol or using drugs, lives could be at risk. In addition to performing drug and alcohol screens before hiring anyone to drive your company's commercial vehicles, it's also important to perform random drug and alcohol screens on all of your driving employees just to help you ensure that there is nothing going on that you should be worried about.

3. Checking For and Performing Proper Training 

In addition to making sure that all of the drivers who you hire are properly licensed, it's also important to put them through proper training, such as DOT training. Even though this might seem like an unnecessary step, it can help you ensure that your business is compliant with DOT regulations and can help you ensure that your new employees are truly ready to get behind the wheel and hit the road.

When you are hiring people to operate your company's commercial vehicles, it is very important for you to make sure that you are hiring the right people for the job. After all, not only do you have to worry about them doing a good job and taking good care of your commercial vehicles, but you also have to worry about the possibility of fees, fines, liability issues, and more. Luckily, making sure that you do not slack off on these things and taking your time in choosing the right employees for each commercial driving position can help you avoid any major problems.


13 August 2018

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