Airport Shuttle Etiquette Tips: Sharing A Ride With Others


If you are going to be visiting a big city in the near future, you may be intimidated by having to drive around in a rental car. This is particularly true if you have never visited the area before and if it is a city with a large amount of traffic. You can ease a significant amount of your stress by opting for an airport shuttle. You will need to arrange for a shuttle before your arrival to ensure that it is ready for you. If you have never taken an airport shuttle before, here are some etiquette tips that you will want to make sure that you follow:

Etiquette Tip #1: Choosing Your Seat

If you are the first person that is picked up, you will obviously have your pick of seats. However, you should not simply choose anywhere to sit. Instead, you should sit in a seat in the very back of the shuttle. The reason for this is that it allows other passengers to slide into the shuttle quickly and avoid having to step over you or you having to move to allow them in.

Etiquette Tip #2: Opt for Texting

Since you will be in a shuttle with various other travelers, you will want to limit your phone conversations. In fact, it is best if you can do any conversating through text. Otherwise, you may be disrupting other passengers. Texting is a much quieter and less distracting way to communicate with family and friends when riding with other travelers.

Etiquette Tip #3: Respect Others' Personal Space

It is obvious that you will be sitting next to strangers on an airport shuttle, from the airport to your destination. It is very similar to what you would expect on the airplane. You should expect the seats to be standard vehicle size, so you won't have much wiggle room. If you have any personal belongings, you will want to try to keep them in your lap or between your legs. You will also want to keep your body parts to yourself as much as possible. Some people would prefer to avoid awkward arm and leg touches.

Etiquette Tip #4: Try to Be Considerate of Other Passengers

An airport shuttle may be bigger than the standard car, but it can still hold smells. Therefore, try to avoid putting on too much perfume or cologne prior to getting into the shuttle. For some individuals, this can cause headaches or simply leave a bad impression. You should also try to avoid bringing food onto the shuttle, as certain foods have odors that are unpleasant to some individuals. 

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26 October 2017

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