Three Ways To Incorporate A Car Or Limo Service Into Your Anniversary Plans


Celebrating an anniversary gives you the chance to show your spouse just how much he or she means to you. One way to make your anniversary special is to use a car or limo service, such as from SF City Limo, for the date. Here are a few ways you can incorporate a chauffeured luxury vehicle into your anniversary plants.

Drinks Under The Stars

Work with your car service company to obtain a luxurious stretch limo or a classic sedan with a moon roof. Plan to surprise your husband or wife with a limo ride, but don't disclose the final location for your date. Arrange to drive to a park that has a clear unobstructed view of the night sky, and pop open a bottle of champagne when you arrive. You can enjoy the drinks and a picnic dinner in the comfort of the limo or on a blanket outside. Be sure to have an alternative location chosen just in case the weather doesn't cooperate for this idea.

Paparazzi Arrival

Choose an exclusive event, such as a rock concert or opera, and arrange to have a limo drop you off front and center just before the show starts. Arriving in a stretch limo or a luxury sedan with tinted windows will be sure to have people wondering if you are a celebrity, and it can make your spouse feel glamorous as well. You can add to this idea by hiring photographers to act as paparazzi, which brings a bit of extra excitement to your evening.

Repeat Proposal

Have your limo driver take you to the spot where you first proposed, and then do it all over again. Arrange to have a photographer meet you there, and turn this date into an impromptu photo shoot, so you can remember this very special evening together. This idea is a great option for a milestone anniversary, or it can be a perfect way to bring a loving touch to any celebration of your love. Finish off the night with dinner at your favorite restaurant and a drive around town.

Your local car service can provide you with a few suggestions about how to celebrate your anniversary, and they can even have your driver help to make all of the arrangements so your night is truly one to remember. Remember that you can use a car or limo service for all of life's special moments, including Valentines Day and Sweetest's Day with your special someone.


21 September 2017

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