Six Things You Will Want To Bring On Any Day-Trip Or Excursion


Planning a day of sightseeing? Perhaps you are going on an exciting excursion? Make sure to bring a few things along that will ensure your comfort and that may even provide a peace of mind during the day. 

Six things you won't want to leave behind are:

  1. Hand sanitizer. If you are running around sightseeing, you may not have ready-access to soap and water, so bring plenty of sanitizer to keep germs at bay. Look for products with at least 60% alcohol for optimal protection, and while sanitizer doesn't remove all the microbes that you come in contact with, it can prevent transfer of illness that can crop up when you get home. Be sure to supervise young children when using sanitizer as ingesting it can induce alcohol poisoning.
  2. Something to eat. Snacks are a natural part of a day at a park, in the car, or at an amusement park, but pay attention to what your kids eat to prevent nausea or vomiting, especially if you'll be particularly active throughout the day. Bring some healthy snack options and plenty of water to sustain your group, and keep junk-food or rich, greasy foods to a minimum to be on the safe-side. As you're on vacation, don't totally rule out enjoying treats specific to where you're visiting, but you may want to keep them to a minimum.
  3. Back-up identification. Take a picture of your passport and ID with your smartphone; this will be a good back-up in the event you lose or misplace your identification during your excursion. Another good rule of thumb is that if you don't need your passport, secure it in your room or in a safe at your hotel or lodging.
  4. Water. The most important thing to remember when spending a day in the hot sun is to stay hydrated by drinking water! Invest in a reusable bottle with a carabiner to easily attach to your kids' belts, backpacks, or fanny-pack. When the day is warm and sunny, pay attention to how much children drink to prevent them from becoming dehydrated, cranky, and even ill. 
  5. Bright colors. Make sure that your children dress to be seen. Bring bold or brightly-colored clothing to wear for quick distinction in a crowd. This will enable you to spot them quickly before they are separated or become lost.
  6. A first aid kit. Pack a small first aid kit with Band-Aids, water, some crackers, and pain relievers to ensure a sour stomach or boo-boo doesn't derail your day of fun. Make it a point to compile the contents the night before, and tuck it in your bag or pocket for the excursion.

Ensure your excursions and days of fun go off without a hitch by bringing these six items along.


4 May 2017

Navigating Public Transportation in a Big City

I come from a small town. It's so small that there is no public bus service—you can walk everywhere within city limits. People drove their cars if they wanted to leave town. At home, I rarely saw a taxi, and subways were something I only saw in movies. Moving to New York City was a shock in many ways, but learning how to get around using public transportation was one of the biggest hurdles that I faced. I didn't know how much to tip a taxi driver or how to find my way around on the bus. However, I did eventually learn. I know that there must be many people who are facing the same learning curve that I was facing a few years ago. I started this blog to help other small town natives like me learn how to get around in the big city.