Why You Need Permits When You Drive A Big Rig


When you drive a big rig for transporting goods to other parts of the country, certain permits are required. You'll likely need fuel and trip permits to legally operate and get your client's needs fulfilled. Your employer can provide these permits for you so you can successfully work, or you can get temporary permits from a company that supplies them.

Why do you need permits to operate? This guide will help you understand why this part of the trucking business is necessary so you can be prepared.

Your vehicle is oversized or very large

To ensure road safety and make sure you're in compliance with all travel requirements, a trip permit is required. This is usually the case if you are going through a state that does not have the credentials to allow you to pass through. Getting a temporary permit enables you to travel safely and stay in accordance with all state laws.

Your vehicle has many axles

If your big rig has many axles, you need a fuel permit. You can obtain a permanent permit if you plan on doing long-hauling full time or get a temporary fuel permit to just travel one time to your destination.

Your vehicle is passing through many states

Every state has its own regulations and rules regarding big rig operation and travel. Some states have higher vehicle weight permit requirements than others. This is why you may have been able to operate your big rig in the past but now face having to get a permit in order to continue with your deliveries. Getting permanent permits is often a wiser option than temporary ones, just so you have all your bases covered.

Your vehicle is independently owned

If you work for a long-hauling company, your vehicle is likely already carrying the permits you need or your employer is arranging to have permits assigned so you can complete your work. However, if you own your own rig and business, it's up to you to get these permits so you can legally travel across all states. You can get your permit through a licensed company or ask your employer if you are currently covered with a permit. Permits can be obtained for temporary or permanent use, depending on which one meets your needs.

Trip, travel, fuel, and other permits are required for long-haul operation. Your permit provider will help you get the permits you need to travel safely.


12 February 2019

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